Jargalant Altai with a smidgeon of snow

Sound Mountain Tour Mongolia 1997 

Michael Ormiston had been working with Jeff Higley for a few years.One day in passing he mentioned to Jeff that he had heard of a place called Sound Mountain or Duut Uul in Mongolia. This inspired Jeff’s first trip to Mongolia and Michael’s Third. Early in 1997 Michael had met singer and actor Nathalie Jendly, they rapidly developed a relationship and Michael invited her to Mongolia as an engagement present. The trip was an amazing adventure with many ups and downs, physically, emotionally and mentally and in the end Michael did not marry Nathalie.
Michael had arranged with his Mongolian friends accommodation in Ulaanbaatar and had got a message out to his khöömii teacher Tserendaava that they would be visiting him. The plan was to travel across Mongolia overland which would be the second time Michael had done this. In 1994 he had toured Mongolia with his group Nada. The images below are only a small window in the trip.