Gereltsogt Singing at evening with Gereltsogt and friends
Michael was invited to an evening with friend and professional
khöömii​​​​​​​ singer Gereltsogt who he had met in 1993.​​​​​​​
Jeff with Gereltsogt Oyuna and Alma at evening with Gereltsogt and friends
Jeff with Gereltsogt, Oyuna his wife and Alma, a singer who at that time was one of the few female khöömii singers
Ganbold Gereltsogt Oyuna Irena Michael outside Gereltsogts house
We visited Gereltsogt at his house in ‘Ger City’ with his brother Ganbold who at this time was one of the most respected and technically advanced Khoomii singers. However sadly his predilection to alcohol did not serve him well.
Ganbold and Peter Marsh
We also me Peter Marsh a musicologist who had been living in Ulaanbaatar sudying for some time. We spent an afternoon at Ganbolds place. Peter was keen to travel with us. He is now Professor of Music, Musicology & Ethnomusicology Department of Music California State University East Bay
Flower Hotel Concert Ganbold Khoomiich
Ganbold was performing an intimate concert at the Flower Hotel. We were honoured to hear his unamplified singing.
Flower Hotel Concert Morin Khuur Player
Ganbold was mainly expertly accompanied on the Morin Khuur or horse fiddle, However on a few pieces he used a backing tape with a larger ensemble playing 
Altantsogt who I bought a Morin Khuur from
I met Altantsog backstage at the National Academic Drama Theatre. He was a professional Morin Khuur player who had performed that night. I asked about buying Morin Khuur and he produced a few. I was just a beginner but picked out the one he played that sounded best to me. This Morin Khuur actually had horse-hair strings and I have have played it around the world for many years
At Tsovoos where we stayed in UB
Jeff, Nathalie, Tsovoo’s husband & Tsovoo at her apartment where we stayed. We were fortunate to have such welcoming friends