Sound Mountain Tour Mongolia 1997
On the Road

With the help of our wonderful Mongolian friends we found Enkhe who became our driver with an old Russian/Mongolian Jeep. With the help of Marigold Verity we were lent some tents and camping equipment. The plan was to either camp, stay in Gers and in Hotels if needs must. We had also become interested in places that had connections with stone musiclal instruments after Mongolian musicologist Erdenechimmig saw our singing bowls and said that in the past there were similar instruments made of stone.
The route was to go to Ikh Gazarin Chuulu, then to Kharkhorin where the revived remains of Erdene Zuu the 16th Century Buddhist monastery lay and Kharkhorum the earlier 13th Century Capital of the Mongolian empire under Chinggis Khan’s son Ogedie. Then over the Khangai mountain range to Tosontsengel, Altai and then to Khovd to meet up with friends and try and find sound mountain. In the end we found Duut Nuur or sound lake in Duut district of Khovd province. Finaly Michael returned to Chandman’ district of Khovd where his Mongolian Khöömii Overtone Singer teacher Tserendavaa and family lived. Then it was a flight back to Ulaanbaatar.
map of Journey
map of Journey
Michael Jeff Nathalie and Peter in Enkhes Jeep ready to travel across Mongolia
Peter, Jeff, Nathalie, and Michael in Enkhe’s Jeep
ready to travel accross Mongolia
Ikh gazarin Chuulu
The landscape of Ikh Gazarin Chuulu
Father with daughter on the road
Proud father with daughter who won the horse race
Michael and young Malchiin singing Khoomii at his Ger somewhere on the road
Michael with his newly aquired Morin Khuur and a young Malchiin singing Khöömii (he had taught himself from listening to the radio) in his parents Ger in Dundgovi province.
130 year old Mongolian Buddhist Temple
We came across what remained of a 130 year old Mongolian Buddhist Temple  complex on the way to Kharakhorin
Peter pumpin the petrol manually
Peter Marsh pumping the petrol manually!
Michael and Jeff performing at a Roadside Guanz
Michael on his Morin Khuur and Jeff playing his Didgeridoo
performing at a tourist camp in Kharkhorin
Michael Khoomii Singing at a Roadside Guanz
Michael Khöömii singing at a Tourist camp in Kharkhorin
Snowy Night performed at Ger Camp in Kharakhorin
Snowy Night performed at Ger Camp in Kharakhorin. Nathalie singing, Jeff playing his aromatic flute and Michael imitating the wind