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Jeff Higley –  Sculptor – Musician – Writer- Public Dreamer

For over 25 years Michael and Jeff Higley have performed in concert, dance performances, site specific work and recorded CDs.
Jeff has an important collection of vintage Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls, many Gongs, Cymbals and bells and plays Native American Flutes, The Waterphone, Jews-Harps, Didgeridoo and much more.
They travelled to Mongolia in 1997 to search for Sound Mountain and recorded the CD of the same name in 1998
In 2013 Jeff was commissioned by Colourscape to create Spore,  a mutli-disciplined sound and space project conceived and designed by Jeff working with composer Michael Parsons and 4 dancers, 3 musicians, a vocalist and an engineer. 
In 2012 Jeff devised Another Time, A mask dance drama with live music, exploring human relationships, ecological and environmental themes. A CD inspired by the performance was recorded in Lewes 
Suddenly Created World : Covent Garden Flower Festival 2001 Oolitic Fragments : Portland Sculpture Trust 2000
There latest CD is Heartland  was recorded in April 2016 over three days of intensive, structured improvisation at Hull University’s new studio complex.
Jeff and Michael also members of the improvising quartet, Hyperyak
 Please visit to discover more about his work