Candida Valentino & Michael Ormiston Treatments

Candida Valentino is one of the UK’s most experienced
Chavutti Thirumal massage therapists and with Michael Ormiston have been
giving Therapeutic Sound massages for over 20 years.
Chavutti Thirumal/Kalari Uzhichil South Indian authentic
Ayurvedic full body Massage by Foot Pressure with Candida
Gua sha facial massages using Jade, Rose, Quartz crystal tools with Candida
Therapeutic Sound massages with Tibetan/Himalayan Singing bowls,
Symphonic Gongs, Native Flutes and more with Candida and/or Michael
Udvartana : Ayurvedic traditional detox/beauty sandalwood oil massage
and medicated powders with Candida
Vasti massage with Candida
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