Chandman Main Mongolia 2000

We paid for the petrol to get ourselves, Dorjoe and his wife to drive us to Tserendavaa in Chandman Sum. Dorjoe was not in a state to drive so a young guy with a no 23 sweatshirt saved us. It was a long but uneventful journey.

We reached Tserendavaa’s Ail, were warmly welcomed and shown to our own Guest ger which was a luxury. Tsagaantsogts was happy see me and all the family welcomed Candida as a special friend.

They looked after us royally, providing food and cooking Candida’s vegetarian meals separate from their own. She had brought some dried seaweed which was a novelty for them. Candida had some Khöömii lessons and Michael showed his Khöömii which had improved since 1997. Michael gave Tsogtgerel, Tserendavaa’s son a jews-harp and Tserendavaa a clockwork Radio.