Chandman Naadam Mongolia 2000

It was by a wonderful coincidence that the Chandman Naadam or festival was on at the weekend we visited.

Their annual event consisted of horse racing, wrestling, a concert and a disco. It seemed to be a chance for the 2,000 or so people from the large area of the Sum/county to socialise, compete and generally have a good time.

The horse races were for the children/teenagers and were over quite a few kilometres. Many of the riders rode without a saddle. The winners were escorted in by a ‘second/parent’ and were later presented with a prize at the small arena where the wrestling took place.

In the afternoon the first rounds of the wrestling took place and is a straight knockout competition. It can take a few seconds to 30 minutes for a bout to last. They start by doing an elegant eagle dance around the ‘wresting pole’.

Tserendavaa’s children got in their best clothes and met with their friends.