Candida's Kirtan Sacred Chant events

Michael & Candida Kyrgyzstan 2015

In 2015 Michael & Candida were awarded the Artists International Development Fund by the Art Council England & The British Council to travel to Kyrgyzstan to perform & Collaborate with musicians & artists. 
We are in debt to Ilona Sultanova who facilitated most of the tour and to Jusup Aisaev from Art School no6. we had a string successful concerts in Bishkek and throughout the county and collaborated with singers Gulzada Riskylova & Batma Sultanova, traditional music mutli-instrumentalists, Jusup Aisaev, Nurbek Serkebaev, Bekbolot Abduvaliev, Kyl-Kiyak fiddle player Zalina Kasymova, Manaschi (Epic Singer) Duulut Sidiskov, dancer Ilona Sultanova, members of the band Vis-a-Vis and at The Central Asian Academy of Contemporary Music worked with young traditional/classical musicians from Kazakhstan,Tajikistan,Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and members of the Omnibus Ensemble.
And a big thank Barbara Abouseda who worked so hard filiming it all. And to our travelling companions, Tim, Annick, Dominique, and Jean-Marc Keller.