Kyrgyzstan 2015
 Maratbek Birikbaev Master Kyl-Kiyak maker

July 26th : In the morning we visited Maratbek Birikbaev a master Kyl-Kiyak (kyrgyz horse hair fiddle) maker.
Jusup and he were good friends as most of the professionals use his instruments.
So Michael was fortunate to spend time with him in his workshop.
We interviewed him about how he makes the instrument.
He said he has dreams as to which tree to use.
 Maratbek would not tell us about certain aspects of the process as some of it was secret.
Michael asked if any were for sale and Maratbek happily produced one that he had recently made.
Michael had a go and managed to get a sound as he already played a Morin Khuur.
The placing of the fingers is different, however with practice etc.
What a privilege to meet the man.
Maratbek in his studio explaining about his Kyl-Kiyak
Maratbel and Jusup Checking out Michaels Playing
Michael Playing on his Kyk-Kiyak