Kyrgyzstan 2015
Song-kul alpine lake concert

July 10th -11th : Travel to Song-kul, an alpine lake (3016m) in Naryn Province. We stay with Semi-Nomadic herders camped in Yurts (Boz-ooi) by the Djaman Echki river. Make a field recording of the river and copy it for Jusup on his laptop. He is working on an important project notating old recordings of traditional music from the radio and university archives and making arrangements for them to be performed by ensembles. Perform two concerts for the herds-people and tourists who are also staying at the Camp. Tourism is an important way of supplementing their income and sustaining their semi nomadic way of life. This is the time of “jai loo,” which means “good summer. We help put up a old Yurt that had collapsed and was in need of repair. Chingez had a rustic Komuz on which he played one of his tunes while on a Kymis (Ferment Mare’s milk) break.
Naryn Province Alpine Scene
Song Kul from the mountains
Naryn Province Alpine Yaks
Song Kul River Valley
Song Kul Boz-ooi camp
Michael and Candida Song Kul Camp evening concert
Jusup Michael and Candida Song Kul Camp evening concert
Song Kul Ancient Horse
Song Kul Ancient Ruin
Song Kul Gong over head
Song Kul put up a repaired boz-ooi
Song Kul repaired boz-ooi being erected
Michael Plays a Shepherds Komuz Boz-ooi Yurt Camp Song-Kul
Song Kul Candida Yoga