Rejuvenation and Anti-Ageing Course of Treatments by Candida Valentino

An ideal series of treatments for the Spring.
A sequence of 3 treatments over 3 days, either within one week
or if possible consecutively over 3 days.
Day 1. 75 minute deep tissue Chavutti Thirumal massage using medicated oils to help with elimination of toxins from the organs and muscles. This massage has been used to help promote the body to release stress and tension especially on areas such as the abdomen and lymphatic system.

Day 2. The second treatment that will be used as part of the detoxification process is a beauty treatment starting with an Abyangham massage using sandalwood oil mixed with sesame oil, followed by a Udvartana powder massage to scrub away old dead skin cells and cellulite. This is a vigorous treatment that will leave you feeling energised and lighter.

Day 3. The last of the treatments will be an Anti-Ageing treatment which helps the skin of the body to be fully nourished. The sesame oil will be mixed with some raw honey 70 per cent oil to 30 per cent honey. Honey is used as a beauty product in Ayurveda and supports the rejuvenation and anti ageing process. This will be applied very gently and rubbed into the skin until it is absorbed.

This package will also include a face massage and some sound therapy to help with relaxation.

Before the treatments start there will be a recommended preparation lasting several days to help your body start its own detoxing process. Between treatments it is suggested to do some intermittent fasting, trying to not eat for a 16 hour window, and to reduce or fully omit stimulants such as caffine, chocolate and sugar. This will help the body to start to eliminate toxins and burn some fat.

Total cost for all three days treatments is £175
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