Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino Events archive 2024

Soundtransformations Course : !!UPDATED DATES!!
Introduction to Vibrational tools for therapeutic sound
led by Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino

This is an accredited course by The Complementary Medical Association

Only 8 PLACES so please contact us
At The Sonic Retreat Centre, Frome, Somerset BA11 3NG. Times 10am to 5pm
For more info Click on The course title above or image or email
ormi_khoomii@yahoo.com or candidavalentino@yahoo.co.uk for informations and booking
Individual workshops can be booked.
20/21 April 2024 Mongolian Khöömii – Overtone singing.
11/12th May 2024 Himalayan Singing Bowls
15/16th June 2024 Symphonic and Feng/Wind Gongs
13/14th July 2024 The Bija Mantra and mantra Chanting.
14/15th September 2024. Drumming/Native American – Overtone flutes/Jews-harps/percussion
5/6th October 2024 Therapeutic Sound massages/Gongs Baths/Sound Journeys