Bija Mantra Chanting and Chakra Yantra Painting Workshop

Taught by artist and singer Candida Valentino

Saturday March 30th 2024 10am to 4.30pm
Maximum of 8 places
The first part of the day we will be exploring the power of sound through chanting Bija Mantra, a way of connecting sound to symbols and the Chakra system. Bija mantra is a very simple way of chanting using Seed syllables that come from the Hindu Sanskrit language. They have been used to help vibrate sound into the body. These sounds help open up awareness through your senses, especially hearing and feeling. You will learn how to pronounce each syllable correctly and then learn how chant these sounds in a sequence.Before lunch we will chant the whole Bija mantra , including the Secondary seed syllables as well as the main Seed syllables. You will receive a handout so that you can go away and keep up the practice. There is also a CD or download to accompany your practice.

After lunch we can then go onto explore the Yantra practice, these are the symbols that are connected to each of the Chakra. You will get a card or small canvas to paint on to make your own Yantra, they are already designed so it will be a case of colouring in. There will also be the whole set of seven designs to take away with you to paint in your own time.

All materials supplied.

Cost £60 .

To book email or call 07837074505
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