Soundtransformations Course : 
Introduction to Vibrational tools for therapeutic sound.
led by Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino

Only 8 PLACES so please contact us for booking & info

Michael and Candida have created a comprehensive series of workshop modules to introduce & share their extensive knowledge and experience in using music as a vibrational tool for therapeutic sound.

Each weekend has been carefully structured for attendees to experience and learn many methods and techniques that can be used for therapeutic sound massages, group sound journeys, Gong baths and more.

At The Sonic Retreat Centre, Frome, Somerset BA11 3NG Times 10am to 5pm
This is an accredited course by The Complementary Medical Association
20/21st April 2024 Mongolian Khöömii – Overtone singing. Michael and Candida are the UK’s most experienced Mongolian Khöömii/Overtone singing teachers. During the weekend you will learn how to sing overtones, understand the harmonic series and learn a traditional Mongolian Khoomii technique.
11/12th May 2024 Himalayan Singing Bowls. Michael & Candida have been using singing bowls for meditation, sound journeys and therapeutic sound baths for over 25 years. Learn the many techniques of playing the singing bowls using their exceptional collection. Please bring your own as well.

15/16th June April 2024 Gongs : Michael & Candida were founding members of Gong master Don Conreaux’s UK version of Mysterious Tremendum. They have a collection of Symphonic Gongs and Wind/Feng Gongs for you to use.

13/14th July 2024 Mantra : Learn the Bija Mantra seed syllable chanting to balance the Chakra system and discover your chanting voice with Buddhist and Hindu mantras to take away and share. learn about how to accompany yourself with the harmonium, shruti box, and tanbura. Candida’s has trained in leading Kirtan and was awarded a 200 Diploma by UK pioneer Kirtan singer Nikki Slade.

14/15th September 2024 Drumming/Native American – Overtone flutes/Jews-harps/percussion. Learn & experience group drum circles using frame drums. Discover how to play Native American Flutes, harmonic/overtone flutes, Jews-harps and various percussion instruments. (Jews-harps and harmonic flutes provided with limited number of frame drums and native flutes).

5/6th October 2024 Therapeutic Sound massages/Gongs Baths. The final sessions consolidates the different modules with learning how use them in sound massages, Gong baths journeys & more.

All attendees who complete the whole course are required to do 15 case studies including at least one gong bath, one sound journey and one therapeutic sound massage with Candida or Michael.
Cost for the course of 6 weekends£1200. You will receive an accredited CMA certificate.

Cost for an individual weekend £220. You will receive a certificate of attendance.
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