Star Canyon

Star Canyon : Michael Ormiston & Jeff Higley

Star Canyon (Star rise in a deserted canyon)  Jeff – Amon Olorin Native American Flute. Michael – Morin Khuur & Overtone Singing
Heart Stone : Jeff – Gongs, bowed cymbal, ranasringa (Indian serpent horn). Michael – Gongs, bowed Cymbal, Shawm & voice.
Clear Mountain (A view between the mountains and the sky) Jeff – Shakuhachi (Japanese flute). Michael – Cheng (Chinese zither)
4. Tungus (A journey into the spirit world) Jeff – Tibetan Black Fire Jews-Harp, Forest rattle, Brazilian nose flute. Michael – Spring drum, Ocarina, Nepalese Shaman’s drum, voice & reed.
5. Against the Wind (Alone with the wind) Jeff – Bowed Japanese Temple Bowl. Michael – Neys (end blown flute)
6. Deep Waters (A glimpse between the waves) Jeff – Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls. Michael – Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls & Overtone Singing.
7. Travelling the Land (Changing yet unchanging landscapes) Jeff – Yatag (Mongolian Zither) Michael – Xiao (Chinese notched Flute)
8. Desert Blues  Jeff : Jews-harp. Michael : Tobshuur (Mongolian two string fretless lute), Voices, drum & slide guitars.
Star Canyon is the first duo release of Jeff Higley & Michael Ormiston. During this project they created pieces by improvising responses to the landscapes that they have traveled in, both real & imaginary, outward & inward. Their choice of musical instruments like the native American flute, Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls, Shaman’s drum, gongs and alternative vocal techniques of Overtone and Undertone singing reflected the various terrains of those improvisations.
Jeff Higley is a sculptor, musician, story teller & land artist. His deep interest in understanding his relationship with land, its ecology and energy has led him to collaborate with many artists, dancers, poets and musicains. He is chair of the Landscape & Arts Network.
Total Time 65 minutes
All pieces played, composed and arranged by Michael Ormiston & Jeff Higley Recorded at Chamber 26 Studios, London. Mastered at Ice Bucket, London
© 2001 Jeff Higley & Michael Ormiston