Chandman Mongolia 2005

Michael arrived in Khovd City where he stayed one night with Tserenedavaa and then they travelled by mini bus to Chandman Sum. It was the 80th Anniversary of the Sum so there was a big (for them) Nadaam. He noticed a newly erected Buddhist Stupa in the village centre.

A relation of Tserendavaa called Amgaa was a film maker and had travelled from UB to document the events. He filmed the horse-racing, and the wrestling.

Michael was an honoured guest and was asked to perform Khöömii at the opening ceremony with Chandman’s best which included Tserendavaa, his son Tsogtgerel, Davaajav and his son, plus other Khöömiich. On one of the evenings there was a concert in the village hall in which Michael performed his Khöömii. Tsengedorj the elder Khöömiich had travelled from Khovd City and performed as well as the aforementioned ‘singers’.

After the festival I returned to Khovd to meet Doug King-Smith. As we had no way of contacting each other we had arranged a two day window to meet at noon by the Khovd Theatre. Amazingly on the second day Doug turned up with some fellow travellers. We took another mini bus to Chandman where they met Tserendavaa and had some Khöömii lessons and posed for photos. Tserendavaa then took us to his newly constructed Khöömii Ovoo (sacred place) and gave blessings to the spirt-owners of Khöömii by lighting some juniper incense and reciting a prayer.