Tibetan Singing Bowl Workshop June 10th 2023

Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowl Workshop

Facilitated by Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino
10am – 4pm Saturday June 10th 2023 at The Sonic Retreat Centre Frome, Somerset BA11 3NG
Cost £60 : Booking essentail
These inspirational and informative workshops will be an experiential journey through the amazing sounds of Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls, their history and use in meditation/relaxation, deep listening and Therapeutic practices.
Attendees will learn many techniques of making the bowls ‘sing’ in a relaxed & friendly environment through the expertise of the teachers. Please bring your own bowls (not compulsory).
Michael & Candida have been playing and studying the bowls for over 30 years. They have played for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as well as the Tibet Foundation and the Tibet House Trust. Over the years they have performed in concert with Tibetologist Alain Presencer, Gongmaster Don Conreaux and Frank Perry. They have been leading meditations using Tibetan Singing Bowls ever since the Venerable Khamba Lam Choijampts, the head Abbot of Gandan monastery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia heard Michael playing. On hearing the bowls the Khamba Lam said they were to be used for meditation.
For more information or to book us please contact Michael ormi_khoomii@yahoo.com
or Candida candidavalentino@yahoo.co.uk or 07837074505