Tibetan Singing Bowl Choir

Michael & Candida are forming a Choir of Singing Bowls around the Frome, Glastonbury, Bath Area
Singing Bowl Choir Auditions
We are inviting Tibetan Singing Bowl players to join us to form the UK’s first Tibetan Singing Bowl Choir. The aim is to work together to create deep meditative compositions using the many unique sound qualities the singing bowls possess. The players will need to be able to play the bowls competently in order to realise the pieces in both a live acoustic setting and through specific microphone techniques for large spaces.
We intend to have regular meetings, sessions and rehearsals to develop a group understanding and energy. This will work the best in the flesh and not on-line which is the only other way it could happen.
The first simple, yet potentially amazing idea for a piece is to be able to slowly change from the root note to the first overtone of the bowl while rubbing the bowl. (This can not so easily be done on large bowls, medium are usually the best). This is the criteria for joining the group.
For more information please contact Michael Ormiston at ormi_khoomii@yahoo.com