Symbolism, Ritual and Tradition of
the Mongolian Ger Workshop/Lecture

Facilitated by Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino
A workshop or lecture exploring the traditions, ritual and symbolism of the Mongolian Ger (Round Felt tent). The Mongolian round felt tent is the quintessential manifestation of these resilient nomadic people. In the vast rolling plains and the big sky the Ger is the centre of human co-existence with nature in all its forms.
Learn about the Khoimor, the sacred area of the ger.
The Gal Golomt, the spirit of the hearth
The history and practical traditions of the Ger.
Geriin Magtaal, a praise song to the ger using Mongolian Khöömii Overtone Singing,
Khengereg Shaman Drum and Tömör Khuur metal Jew’s Harp.
Participate in a Wish fulfilling Blessing Ritual for the ger.
The shamanic significance of the ger in particular the sky hole.
Michael Ormiston has travelled to Mongolia 6 times since 1993. He lived with his Mongolian Khöömii Overtone Singing teacher Tserendavaa many times in his Ail (Group of Gers) and learnt ger etiquette as well as the symbolism and sacred aspects of the traditional Mongolian dwelling.
In 2011 Michael was awarded The International Outreach Award by the Mongolian Embassy UK, The Mongolian Association in the UK and Lingua Global for his special contribution to the promotion of Mongolia’s rich Cultural Heritage.
Please contact Michael if you wish to book him for a lecture or if you have a Ger or Yurt that you would like him actually the run a workshop in.