Michael & Candida’s Gong, Singing Bowl and more Sound Baths

A Harmonic Sound Meditation Journey with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Symphonic Gongs, Overtone singing and More…
Join Candida & Michael to celebrate an evening of Celestial Harmonic Singing, Transformational Gong Journeys, Divine Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sacred Mantra Chanting & more.
An evening of experiencing the therapeutic healing power of sound, movement & breath.
Open to anyone who wishes to bring consciousness to their world of sound & vibration externally & internally.
The journeys can be for large groups to small intimate sessions
Please contact us if you wish to book an event contact
Candida at candidavalentino@yahoo.co.uk or 07837074505
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Collage of sound another latest journey images
We were honoured to share these sounds for the Summer Solstice 2020.
Candida started the journey with a Yoga Nidra followed by struck, rubbed, bowed, water, mouthed & prepared singing bowls. Bowed tingshaw, & chimes, bullet chimes, struck, rubbed & prepared symphonic gongs & mini harp.