Qigong Lessons and Workshops led by Candida Valentino

I have been practicing Qigong for the last 30 years, being introduced initially to the 8 Brocades and warm up exercises by my first acupuncturist Keith Ashton back in 1991 and have been practicing them ever since.
They have been my go to if feeling weak or run down, as they help build up strength and stamina and fluidity in the joints and help clear stagnation in the meridians (energy lines that are connected to the organs).
I have studied Tai Chi and Qigong with many teacher, Master San Gee Tam of Golden Flower, and Stuart Verity – Wudang Tai Chi. I have attended workshops with teachers such as Kenneth Cohen and Matthew Cohen.
My current teacher Mimi Kuo-Deemer has been an inspiration for me to start to teach. I have been practicing with her for the past 4 years, weekly classes as well as several 4 day retreats. Last year she was offering a one year mentorship during the lockdown and I completed the mentorship with her in at the end of 2021.
I am now currently going deeper into my training with her, practicing Neigong , Internal Martial Arts, Bagua Zang which is allowing my practice to develop further.
I am teaching live classes in Frome and will be starting some online Zoom classes as well
You can check out my Wheel of Life Yoga page on Facebook or on the events page on this website.
Or contact me candidavalentino@yahoo.co.uk or 07837074505
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So what is Qigong?
Qigong belongs to the 5 pillars of Chinese Medicine.
These ancient practices have been used for thousands of years as a way of learning more about your energy and how to cultivate it. It is just not exercise but a whole mind , body, spirit connection as well as a communion with nature and the seasons.
It is based on Daoism and there are many references in the Dao De Ching on the philosophy behind the practice. Some very noticeable benefits of practicing regularly are:
Balance, if you need more energy you can cultivate it or if you have to much energy there can be a calming down and settling
Cultivation of Stillness through Standing meditations
Spacial Awareness
Circular movements that have been known to lower inflammation in the body
Improves synovial fluid in the joints
Strengthens the Tendons
And of course in these turbulent times can be a great resource to support emotional processes.
There are many many more positives, but here are a few to be going on with.
The more you can dedicate yourself to your own body, mind and spirit, the more you will discover the jewels of energy that is available.Some of the forms I have been practicing over the years which I teach regularly are:

8 Brocades
18 Shibashi
12 Yi Jin Jing Muscle Tendon Changing Classics
5 Element practice, movements that support the organs related to each of the elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.
Healing Breaths with Hand mudras, also working with visualisations of the gem stones related to each of the elements.
5 Animal Frolics, each relating to the elements.. Crane, Bear, Monkey, Deer and Tiger.
Plus Standing meditations to cultivate Wu Wei, Effortless effort
I am also practicing Neigong, Internal Martial Arts and sometimes add some of the standing positions into some of my classes. These strengthen the organs and meridians and cultivate Qi.