Michael Morin Khuur lessons

Morin Khuur (Mongolian Fiddle) Lessons Michael Ormiston

The one hour lessons are for beginners to learn the basic techniques of playing from the bowing methods and the unique fingering systems. Michael will teach traditional melodies and practice exercises with the help of fingering charts and video clips. He has a spare Morin Khuur to teach with and can help with obtaining a Morin Khuur from Mongolia.
Michael is based in Frome, Somerset, UK. Face to face lessons are recommended, However Online zoom lessons are possible if the pupil has good quality audio interfaces with their computer and their own Morin Khuur.
A series of lessons are recommended.
For prices and booking please contact Michael at ormi_khoomii@yahoo.com
Michael has been playing the Morin Khuur since 1993. He intintially had lessons with the famous Morin Khuur player Tsogtbadraa in London and Mongolia and has performed with his Morin khuur with Master Khoomii singers Tserendaava, Tsengedorj and Gereltsogt.
His playing has been heard on the Golden Compass Film, David Attenborough’s acclaimed BBC documentary series, The Perfect Planet, Aakash Odedera’s amazing Samsara Contemporay Dance Piece and on many of Michael’s and others CDs.
The Morin Khuur is a two stringed spiked fiddle, sometimes translated as a Horse Head Fiddle. It is considered in contemporary Mongolia as a cultural icon and is now played in all manner of settings. However, in the past in central Mongolia it was mainly used to accompany Urtyn Duu or Long Song. The Western Mongolian cousin of the Morin Khuur is the Ikil which was used to accompany Bii or dance. These two ways of playing will be taught in the lessons.