Raphael Radoux-Rogier, Michael Ormiston
with Candida Valentino and Neil Foster

Miraca play traditional melodies, original compositions and improvisations influenced by Medieval, Mongolian, Tibetan, Classical, Indian and Meditational Music.

Studio Demo of Urumchi 2006 : Raphael Violin & Voice,
Michael : Irish Bouzouki, Voice & Khoomii
Studio Demo of Gordon’s Tune 2006 : Raphael Violin & foot bells
Michael : Irish Bouzouki
Studio Demo of Algeria 2008 : Raphael Violin & Voice,
Michael : Turkish long necked Saz, Khoomii & Overtone Singing
Neil : Darabuka, Marimba & Percussion
Studio Demo of Hope Awakens 2008 : Raphael Violin, Voice & Foot Bells
Michael : Irish Bouzouki, Khoomii & Voice
Neil :Bodhrán, Marimba, Voice & Percussion