Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino’ Concerts

Michael and Candida Bath 2019

An Evening Concert of Music

Michael and Candida have performed concerts all over the world. They draw from their years of experience to create engaging events, musically, culturally and meditatively. They are the UK’s most experienced Mongolian Throat Singers and have a unique collection of musical instruments such as the Morin Khuur (horse head fiddle), Tobshuur (fretless lute), Tömör/Khalsun Khuur (Jews-harp), Irish Bouzouki, Dombra, Indian Banjo, Tibetan/Himilayan singing Bowls, Symphonic Gongs, Harmonic flutes, Kyrgyz Kyl-Kyiak, Turkish Ney flute, Veena, shaman’s drum, Native American flute and more. They can play acoustically and electro-acoustically  using live looping & effects to create ever changing sonic soundscapes. These can be found on their many CD recordings. if you are interested in booking them please contact Michael by clicking here.