Last of the Medicine Men

The Last of the Medicine Men  
Michael Ormiston & Keithe Waithe

The Last of the medicine Men Theme 40’’ 2 Shaman’s Lament 7’04’’
Ongon 7’10’’ 4 Waterfall Trance 3’53’’ 5 Alone with the Forest Spirits 4’10’’
Peyote Deer Hunt 3’24’’ 7 Traveling with the Kam 7’09’’ 8 The Call of the Huitchol 5’30’’
The last of the Medicine Men “Spirit Journey” 6’50’’ 10 Mudlark Calypso 7’01’’ 11 Song of the Keria 
Michael & Keith’s Original Compositions from the acclaimed BBC 2 Television series about Shamanism.
Guest musicians, Alquimia, Ansuman Biswas, Vince de Cicco, Nana Appiah. © BBC 2000 BBC Music
Author, explorer and TV presenter Benedict Allen travelled to four different countries investigating the healing arts of Shamanism, Voodoo and “Medicine men”. The peoples that he visited were the Tuvans (part of The Russian Federation) in South Siberia, The Huitchol Indians of Mexico, the Haitians of the Caribbean & the Kerai of Siberut Island off Sumatra in Indonesia.