Khovd Mongolia 2000

We arrived in Khovd and were met by Buriad and Pagan who introduced us to Dorjoe where we were staying and who would be our driver.

We visited our friend Khöömiich Sengedorj who was pleased to see me again and meet Candida for the first time. He was busy, yet found the time to show us round Khovd Theatre in which he had been working in for many years. He was teaching Khöömii to a Japanese visitor who had been staying for a few weeks and invited us to the Buyant river on the edge of town. We celebrated with milk tea and singing.

We made arrangements with Dorjoe to take us to Chandman’. He and is wife were only too happy as they could do some trading there while the Nadaam was on. On the way we saw a family nomadizing with their ger and possessions being transported by camels.