Michael Ormiston, Lawrence Casserley,
Simon Desorgher, Jeff Higley
Somewhere in the deep past there were four creatures:
One was a calf, perhaps a Yak calf,
with a voice of wondrous harmonics.
Another was an eagle, soaring above the mountains
raising great bowls to heaven.
The third was a man, who forged the
wind of heaven into the weapons of angels.
Finally there was a lion,
who transformed the sounds of the others into his roar.

Together they were HyperYak –
the voice, the mountains, the roar of heaven.
Their time machine landed in a suburban street;
they set up their cones and drills
and began installing ley lines

Angelic Weaponry CD

Michael Ormiston, Lawrence Casserley,
Simon Desorgher, Jeff Higley
HyperYak is a unique fusion of musical worlds. From the traditional Mongolian song Four Mountains (Based on Dorvon Uul, a song about the mountains that surround the Mongolian Capital, Ulaan Baatar) to the intense dialogue of Hippogriff (“Sired by a Griffon out of a mare: like it’s father’s were its feathers and wings, its forelegs, head, and beak; in all its other parts it resembled its mother; they come,though rarely, from the Rhiphaean Mountains, far beyond the icebound seas” – Ariosto ‘Orlando Furioso)

Track List: 1. Angelic Weaponry (25:02) 2. Four Mountains (5:44) 3. Hippogriff (6:38)
4. Heaven’s Wind (7:34) 5. Installing Ley Lines (19:03)

Credits: Michael Ormiston: Voice, Morin Khuur, Flutes, Jaw Harps, Bowls, Shawm, Electronics.
Lawrence Casserley: Signal Processing Instrument, Percussion, Monoharps, Voice .
Simon Desorgher: Flute, Piccolo, Bass Flute, Quena, Panpipes, Chinese Flutes, Nose Flutes.
Jeff Higley: Tibetan Singing Bowls, Cymbal, Jaw Harps, Flutes, Voice
Recorded and mixed at Lawrence Electronic Operations, Buckinghamshire, UK
Engineered by Lawrence Casserley Produced by HyperYak