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Heaven’s Mountains, Sacred Lakes, Ancient Lands
Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino (Amina 2012)

Music inspired by the people, landscape & culture of Kyrgyzstan and …

World renowned musicians, teachers & therapeutic sound practitioners Michael & Candida have created this album inspired by their recent magical journey to Kyrgyzstan, where the Heaven’s Mountains meet the Ancient Silk Road of Central Asia. The confluence of Buddhism, Shamanism, and Sufism.
  1. An Evening in the Village (Ayil ketchi) (trad Kyrgyz – arrangement Michael & Candida) : 5”04”
  2. Three Silver Birch : 7’36”
  3. Dusk at Issyk Kul/Boz-ooi Dance/Archaic Reflections/Song-Kul Celebration : 9’37”
  4. Awa Uta (Ancient Japanese Poem) : 5’43”
  5. Sufi Mazaar Dance : 9’47”
  6. Heaven’s Mountains, Sacred Lakes, Ancient Lands : 27’51”
Michael & Candida – Mongolian Khöömii Overtone – Kharkhiraa Undertone Singing & Voice. Kyl Kyiak (Kyrgyz horse hair fiddle), Ocarinas (John Taylor), Irish Bouzouki,
Temir Ooz Komuz (Metal Kyrgyz Jews-harp), Jigatch Ooz Komuz (Bamboo Kyrgyz Jews-harp), Dombra (Kazakh 2 string Lute), Yatag (Mongolian Zither), Turkish Ney (end blown flute), Shaman Drums, Morin Khuur (Mongolian Horse Hair fiddle), Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls, Darabuka, Sipsi (Turkish reed-pipe), Limbe (Mongolian transverse flute), Symphonic Gongs, Tongue Gong Drum, Esraj (Indian Bowed fiddle), Tingshags, Bells, Muiz Kernei (Kyrgyz Horn).
All pieces composed/arranged by Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino ©2016 Amina 2012 Recorded and produced by Michael at Chamber 23 Studios December 2015
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