Mongolia 1993 a few Images from Ulaanbaatar

Sukhebataar Square
Sukhebataar Square quite empty
Breakfast was usually at the UB hotel, and this is where the foreigners hung out. One of the most interesting was Kevin Kling a photographer from the USA who was making a book about Mongolia. She (yes!) had travelled all over the country, especially the Kazakh province of Bayan Olgii in the far west. As far as I know the book never came out, just some postcards.
One day walking on Sukhbaatar Square (see above, the red square of UB) I noticed some horsemen galloping across, one stopped near the statue of Sukhebaatar. If you look closely at the first photo above you will see the horse and rider. In 2006 when I last visited Mongolia, all animals were banned from inside the city limits. In 1993 I saw a cart pulled by a camel, sheep, goats and cows grazing.
Ganden Monastery in the snow
Gandan or Gandantegchinlen Monastery Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 1993. This taken in October when I returned from the countryside. Mongolian Buddhism was in a process of revival since about 1990 when freedom of eclectorial voting and religion came about as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union
Ganden Monastery Old Monastery Pole
This is post is all that remains of the one built in 1809 which was destroyed by a fire. The one you see was built began to be built 1838 with temples being added up until 1925. It was closed in 1938 due to the religious purger of the Mongolian Communist Party heavily under the influence of Stalin and used as a stables until 1944 when it became a token showcase monastery.