Deep Gongs

Deep Gong : Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino
Meditations, Journeys & Deep listening with Symphonic Gongs

Gong Journey 22’39’’
Aum The Gong 10’52
Gong Meditation 19’52
Michael & Candida have been using sound as therapeutic healing art over 25 years
& have created these recordings of their four symphonic gongs to
bring consciousness to the world of sound & vibration.
A quote from the late Dane Rudhyar via Don Conreaux
‘A gong is a perfect brotherhood of tones perfectly united and blended, as a vehicle, or vahan, for some cosmic entity. In it the law of cohesion manifests fully. It is a concentric and organic body, through which the energy of sound flows uninterrupted; and in some cases at least, it has not only an elemental soul born out of the cohesive principle, but also a spiritual soul as well brought down into its mass by the concentrated devotion of its maker’.
Recorded and mixed at Sound 23 studio London January 4th to 9th 2005
All pieces played, recorded, arranged & composed by Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino ©2005