Colourscape Sound Journeys Vol 1

Colourscape Sound Journeys Vol 1
Michael Ormiston

First Light : Thumb Piano :  Morin Khuur (Mongolian Horse hair Fiddle) : 13’14”
Gobi Transit : Ney (Turkish Reed Flute) : Frame Drum :  Sipsi (Turkish small clarinet) : 12’48”
Gandi Mod/Buural Mor’/Tenger Uul :  Two traditional Mongolian Melodies sung in Mongolian Khöömi
Overtone & Undetone Singing & an original composition : 8’22”
Nature Spirit Prayer : Voice : Frame Drume : Jews-Harp : Anklung : Native American Double Flute : Ocarina :      
Damaru :  Frog Friction drum : Metal : wood : Air :   26’44””
Most of these pieces were performed live using various looping devices. They were inspired by the improvisaions Michael plays in the amazing Colourscape Structures. The sound journeys are intuitive explorations of slowly shifting tone colours and textures reflecting the colourscape environment. Michael is fascinated with the rich harmonic and visceral qualities of acoustic instruments. This is most deeply expressed with his Khöömii Overtone Singing of which he has studied in Mongolia since 1993. 
Recorded 13th-15th  April 2018 Vallis Vale Studios
Thanks to Peter Jones, Lynne Dickens, Simon Desorgher, Lawrence Casserley,
Iz, the Colourscape Crew and epescially Candida.
Please Click on the images below to hear brief extracts from the CD