The College of Sound Healing Conference 2023
Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino

Michael and Candida were invited to present the keynote speech at the conference

The topic was Mongolia Khöömii Overtone Singing/voicing. They shared their 30 years knowledge about this vocal technique, explaining it history and development, using their own research and the latest academic papers. It was illustrated with rare videos, archive recordings and images that they have collected over the years. Also included was a delve into Tyvan Khöömei, Altai/Khakhass Khai, Gyuto Monks Dzo, Xhosa Umnqokolo and and overview of the development of overtone singing in Europe and the rest of the world. Candida explained and led a toning session with the attendees as well as a vocal sounding to clear, transform and balance the body, breathe, voice & mind. They both gave a Khöömii blessing and demonstrated some of their methods of voicing this wonderful art.

They also ran a Khöömii workshop, teaching and demonstrating the basic principals of Khöömii and ran a Tibetan/Himalayan Bowl Choir Workshop.
Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino initiated their Keynote Speech with a Blessing for good fortune as well as voicing khoomii (Buyant Gol) and Candida Kargyraa.
To Conclude the Keynote Speech at the College of Sound Healing Annual Conference November 2023 Candida led a Group Toning.