Chintamani Precious Jewel

Chintamani (precious stone) 

1. Dorvon Nastai Khaluin/Dreamsteppe/Danceland  6’48’’
2. Adyglarym, Börülerim! (My Bears, My Wolves!) 6’09’’ Pt1  : Prayer : An arrangement of a Tuvan   melody. Pt2 :  Text from a Tuvan Algysh (Shaman song) 
3. Tarim Basin Blues 7’37’’
4. Mountain Ovoo Medley 7’01’’ Pt1 : White Swan : Pt2 : Önchin Tsagaan Botgo : Pt3 : Khotgoid Unaga  
 Pt4 : Gooj Nanaa :                        
5. Chintamani (Precious Jewel)  8’22’’
6. Fountain of Creation (Power from within) 6’53’’
7. Forest Feast  4’12’’
9. Soul to Save  7’20’’ : Pt1 : Soul Alaap : Pt2  : Soul to Save :
10. Morin Khuur Magtaal 6’45’’
11. For Ella & Amber 11’38’’ Pt1 :Ella : In memory of Ella. : Pt2 : Amber : A dance of new life. 
all compositions © 2010 Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino. 
Recorded Spring 2010 at Chamber 23 studios. London
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1. Dorvon Nastai Khaluin/Dreamsteppe/Danceland  6’48’’
    A Mongolian Melody “Four Year Old  Chestnut Horse”
    followed by a musical journey across the endless steppes of Mongolia. 
2. Adyglarym, Börülerim! (My Bears, My Wolves!) 6’09’’
    Pt1 Prayer : An arrangement of a Tuvan   melody.
    Pt2 : Text from a Tuvan Algysh (Shaman song) 
    for healing to all, especially children.
3. Tarim Basin Blues 7’37’’
    “Traces in the sand, written echoes of the past. 
    Secrets lay oh so still, desert soul tore my heart”    
4. Mountain Ovoo Medley 7’01’’
     Pt1 White Swan : Inspired by the Shamanic (bakhsy) 
     roots of the Khazak Qobyz, a 2 string horse hair violin.
     Pt2 Önchin Tsagaan Botgo : Western Mongolian melody of a 
     song about an orphan Camel.
     Pt3 : Khotgoid Unaga : Melody from a song in praise of a fine 
     race horse of the Khotgoid Yastan (clan)
     Pt4 : Gooj Nanaa : A melody about a local hero,
     Gooj Nanaa who was considered a fine Khöömiich 
     (throat singer) he died in 1921.                            
5. Chintamani (Precious Jewel)  8’22’’
    A Song-Mantra invoking the transformational healing power 
    of the Chintamani stone & manifesting heaven on earth, “Shambhala”.
       “Chintamani Jewel, Precious stone reflect your call.
        Let it shine, Let it shine.
        Shambhala song, heal us all, Shambhala sing, sing for us all…”
        with Raphael -Violin
6. Fountain of Creation (Power from within) 6’53’’
    Love is the vibration that holds the world together.
    All began in love, all seek to return to love.
    Love is the law, the Teacher of Wisdom,  
    the great revealer of Mysteries.
    This song is dedicated to this journey. (Including “Four Mountains”)                                        
7. Forest Feast  4’12’’
     An imaginary dance melody from the 13th century camp of Chinggis Khan
9. Soul to Save  7’20’’ Pt1 Soul Alaap. Pt2 Soul to Save :
    A remembering of their 1st single & tribute to Wadada, 
    the founding spirit behind The Suns of Arqa.
10. Morin Khuur Magtaal 6’45’’
      A new praise song to the Morin Khuur (Horse Head Fiddle)
      the original musical instrument of the Mongolian people.
11. For Ella & Amber 11’38’’
      Pt1 :Ella : In memory of Ella.Pt2 Amber : A dance of new life. 
    with Elena:Voice  Riccardo:Voice & Clarinet
Vocal Techniques and Musical Instruments
Khöömii: Mongolian Overtone Singing, Khargyraa: Tuvan Sub-Harmonic Singing, Borbannadyr: Tuvan “Rolling” Overtones  Khailakh: Western Mongolian Epic Voice, Western Overtone Singing , Vox: normal singing voice, Katadjak: Inuit Throat Rasping Ululation, Flat Backed Bouzouki, Tömör Khuur:  Metal Jew’s harp, Khalsun Khuur:  Bamboo Jew’s harp, Limbe: Mongolian Mirliton Flute, Zurna: Central Asian Oboe , Daf: Central Asian Frame Drum, Ney: Turkish End Blown Flute, Morin Khuur: Mongolian HorseHead Fiddle
Dombra : Kazakh Fretted Lute, Khengereg : Mongolian Shaman Drum, Seljefløyte : Norwegian Overtone Flute, Electric Bass E-bow 12 String Electric Guitar, Saz : Turkish Long Necked Lute, Esraj : Bengali Fretted Fiddle, Native American Flute, Duduk : Armenian Oboe, Tin Whistle, Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowl, Yatag : Mongolian long boxed Zither, various percussion, Struck & E-bow Chord Zither