Candida Valentino Kirtan Leader

Candida's Kirtan Sacred Chant events
Join Candida & Michael in an evening of Kirtan (devotional chanting) with accompaniment on Harmonium, Saraswati Veena, Bouzouki and drums.
Candida is a Kirtan leader awarded an Advanced merit certificate by Nikki Slade, UK’s most experienced Kirtan Leader. She has led Kirtans for Sri Jayanthi Kumaraswami, at Yoga retreats in India & sacred sound concerts throughout the UK.
Kirtan comes from the Bhakti yoga tradition, the path of devotion. Having its roots in India, the mantras are sung in the ancient vibrational language of Sanskrit. It is a form of meditation, repeating names of God or Goddesses set to a melody. Essentially Kirtan is an inwards journey inwards, a form of vocal meditation connecting us to our heart centre & creating union with our own being & each other within the group. It can induce spontaneous joyous expression, bliss & ecstasy.
Please contact Candida if you wish to book her for a Kirtan event or 07837074505
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