Michael Ormiston

Boundless Transformations
Eye-Music Colourscape Commission 2008

Composers and performers Michael Ormiston, Eddy Sayer and Candida Valentino devised a unique event which explores the connection between music, space and colour within the Colourscape structure.
Instrumentation : Symphonic Gongs. Wind Gongs, Gamelan Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Percussion, Overtone singing,, live electronic processing and live cymatic images using cymatronic devices
Realisation : Create real time electro acoustic and acoustic musical performance pieces enhancing and reflecting individual and linked colour segments of colourscape, 5 to 7 performers will be used in the compositions/performances and the total duration of all the pieces would be about an hour.
The performers were : Adam Williams, Katie Rose, Lawrence Casserley, Nye Parry, Vanya Silverton, Matt Saunders, Laura B, Candida Valentino, Michael Ormiston and Eddy Sayer.
Thanks to Simon Desorgher and all of the Colourscape Crew