Boundless : Michael Ormiston. Candida Valentino, Eddy Sayer

Deep Ocean Gong 12’54’’
Inner Silent Gong 8’47’’
Dakini Filaments 10’18’’
Impermanent Realms 8’38’’
Celestial Waves 15’22’’
Boundless Gateway 12’54’’
Compositions & Improvisations for Symphonic & Wind Gongs
Michael, Candida and Eddy played struck, bowed & rubbed Symphonic & Wind Gongs.
With Conch Shells, Windy’s, Bells and Bowed Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Water Bowls. 
Recorded and mixed at Sound 23 studio London, March 24th 2005.
All pieces played, recorded & composed by Michael Ormiston, Candida Valentino & Eddy Sayer ©2005