Bija Mantra

Bija Mantra Meditation : Candida Valentino

Bija Mantra Intro 2 Muladhara Cakra 3 Svadisthana  Cakra
Manipura Cakra 5 Anahata  Cakra 6 Vishuddha  Cakra
Ajna Cakra Sahasrara Cakra Toning Intro
10 Ooh 11 Awe 12 Aah 13 Air 14 Eee 15 oohaweaahaireee
16 Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation 
This CD contains the full Bija Mantra including the secondary seed syllables to enable easy learning, listening and transformational chanting. Plus Toning for relaxation and a Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation
(lama Govinda) Said, ‘The seven Centres of the human body represent in a certain way the elementary structure and dimensionality of the universe: from the state of greatest density and materiality up to the state of immaterial multi-dimensional extension; from the organs of the dark, subconscious, but cosmically powerful primordial forces to those of a radiant, enlightened consciousness. The form-potentialities of the whole universe are latent in these centres, is hinted at by attributing to them all the sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet in the form of seed- syllables.

Each of these psycho-physical centres is depicted as a lotus-blossom, whose petals correspond to the seed-syllables (bija), expressing certain qualities or forces, while the pericarp contains the symbol of the element that governs them, together with its particular (elementary) seed-syllable. Each of these elementary seed-syllables is associated with a symbolical animal as its ‘vehicle’ (vahana), by which the character of the element is expressed.’ 
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