Altai Himilaya

Altai Himalaya : Songs, Mantras, Overtone & Undertone Singing inspired by the Altai & Himalaya Mountains

Guru/Bija Mantra : 7’06’’ : Our new arrangement of mantras, Om Ah Hum Varjra Guru Padma  
    Siddhi Hum & Lam Vam Ram Yam Ham Om
Distant Lands : 8’00’’ : A piece in 3 parts connecting distant overtone melodies.
Eva’s Tune/Kungorei/Taiga’s Echo : 13’39’’
   Three pieces link reflections & inspirations to nature, birth, homelands, the spirits of mountain and forests.
Urumchi : 7’08’’ : For the Western European, Central European & Asian Celts!
Mountain Temple/Resting Place/Om Mani Padme Hum : 15’53’’
   A sonic transformational journey on a Tibetan mountain plateau.
Chintamani Medley/Altai Magtaal : 8’32’’ : Three tunes for a Jews-harp duo, Dorvon Uul/Artii-    Sayir/Chintamani and a new arrangement of a traditional Mongolian praise song to the Altai  Mountains. 
Michael : Khöömii/Overtone/Undertone singing, bowed/plucked/picked Bouzouki, Dombra, Morin Khuur, Esraj, Frame drum, Bull Roarer, Ocarina, Jews-harp, Tobshuur, Tibetan?Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Conch, Shawm and…
Candida: Voice, Khargiraa, Overtone Singing,, Native American Flute, Shaman Drum, Jews-Harp, Bell, Damaru, Shawn, Peace Bell ,Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls, Shaker, Spring Drum, Wind Chimes, Brazilian Nose Flute and Frogs!
all compositions © 2007 M Ormiston & C Valentino  Amina 2008.                                                                    
Recorded at sound 23 studio London December 2006