Michael Ormiston Mongolia 1993

Mongolian Tours & Collaborations

Michael Ormiston has been to Mongolia 6 times. In 1993 he travelled to learn more about Mongolian Khöömii Singing and met and lived with Khöömii singer (Khöömiich) Tserendavaa, who taught him in his ger in Chandman Sum, West Mongolia. He returned in 1994 with the group Nada. They made the first European music tour overland accross Mongolia, playing concerts and collaborating with Khöömiich Gereltsogt. In 1997 he travelled accross Mongolia to find "Sound Mountain" with Jeff Higley, Peter Marsh and Nathalie Jendly. The met the first female Khöömiich singer Alma, performed concerts and collaborated with Khöömiich  Sengedorj. In 2000 he returned to Tserendavaa for the fourth time with Candida Valentino who was taught her Khöömii in his Ger where Michael recorded him for his CD, Chandman Song. They performed for TV and at the Chandman Festival. In 2002 Michael & Candida invited Tserendavaa to the UK where they performed and taught together in England, Scotland, Ireland and France. Michael was invited to perform and collaborate with Mongolian Musicians at the 800th Anniversary of the Mongol Empire. Michael and Candida Have performed with Tserendavaa in Italy and Poland and in 2011 organised in collaboration with the Embassy of Mongolia London and Lingua Global, the Inaugural European Mongolian Khöömii Festival featuring, Tserendavaa, Khusugtun, Dr Carole Pegg.

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