Samsara - Aakash Odedra Company

Samsara - Aakash Odedra Company

5th-7th March 2020  Arts Centre Melbourne & Bagri Foundation

Samsara is a duet created & performed by Aakash Odedra with Hu Shenyuan. Drawing on contemporary dance, Chinese folk dance & the classical Indian dance form kathak, Samsara is an expression of cultural exchange where epic, mythological storytelling merges with personal experience from two globally opposite perspectives.

Choreographers/Performers Aakash Odedra and Hu Shenyuan  
Composer Nicki Wells  :  Drummer Beibei Wang :  Vocalist Michael Ormiston  Costume K H Lee  :  Dramaturg Lou Cope  :  Lighting Designer Dr Yaron Abulafia 
Set Designer Tina Tzoka  :  Technical Director Salvatore Scollo 
Producer Anand Bhatt

Samsara is inspired by the many monks believed to have attempted the long pilgrimage that eventually led to the classic 16th century Chinese story Journey to The West. Their journeys were both literal, metaphorical, physical and spiritual.

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