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Facilitated by Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino


Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino have a unique insight into the culture of Mongolia having travelled there six times since 1993 to study the khöömii (overtone) singing.


The workshops draw upon this experience and their workshop/teaching experience over the past 20 years.


The workshops are available for all ages from five years old upwards and can vary in length from one hour to a full day. They are both a practical and theoretical way of involving the children/adults into a culture unknown to most in the west.


The Subjects covered are, Music of Mongolia, People of Mongolia, Landscape of Mongolia, Religions of Mongolia, The History of Mongolia and are illustrated by story, music, pictures, power point presentations and DVD.  Please click on the following titles for a brief on-line tour


 The Mongolian Ger (felt Tent)        


 The making of Airag, fermentated Mare’s Milk


 The making of Isgee (felt)


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