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Tone Magic (Amina 2005)

Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino


The late composer, astrologer, poet & philosopher Dane Rudhyar coined the term, Tone magic.

He wanted to draw attention that the source of inspiration of a sound comes from a spiritual/infinite place.

This inspiration is received into the body and is then released back to the universe as a tone or tone magic,

sound in its essential state. The intention of these improvisations was to honour this process.


The recording took place on the evening of August 31st 2001 in the foyer of the main police station in Zurich.

Only the natural acoustics of the space were used. Michael arranged and multi-layered the improvisations back in London in late December 2001.


1. Chasing the Fire Horse : 6’23’’  

     Improvisation for the Mongolian Horse head fiddle, the Morin Khuur performed by Michael.

2. Tone Magic : 51’51’ A journey in the moment of listening.

    Part 1 : Dalai Return  : Conch, Whirly & harmonic metal Tube - Michael. Conch, Whirly - Candida.

    Part 2 : Harmonic Resonance : Overtone & Khargiraa singing - Michael. Overtone singing - Candida.

    Part 3 : Liberation : Wind Gong, Tibetan Singing Bowls- Michael. Paiste Gong, Overtone Singing & Tibetan  

                                     Singing Bowls - Candida.

3. Singing the Spirit Home : 10’48’’

   An improvisation based on a Mongolian Long Song. Voice – Candida.  Morin Khuur & Khargiraa singing - Michael. 

4. Wind Horse : 4’46’’

    Improvisation for the Morin Khuur performed by Michael.


Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino have performed their unique music worldwide.

They run workshops in Mongolian Overtone Singing (khöömii), relaxation and meditation using Tibetan singing bowls & gongs and Sound Transformations.


All compositions © Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino 2002


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