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The Making of Isgii Felt for The Ger (Felt Tent)


The Mongolian felt tents (Ger) are covered with large pieces of felt.

These help insulate the Ger. Felt is usually made from the wool of sheep.

Once enough wool has been sheared off the sheep,

it is sorted into small tufts of wool and almost complete fleeces.

The wool (noos) is then “softened” by beating a pile of wool with long thin metals sticks.

The whole herding group (negdel) or extended family, work on making the felt.

An old piece of felt is used as a template.

The wool and fleeces are carefully placed over this to make a thick mat,

which is then soaked with water fetched from a nearby stream.

This is rolled up to make a very heavy and sodden roll.

Traditionally the roll is hitched to a horse, however nowadays,

a tractor is used if the fuel is available.

The roll is rolled up and down a flat “runway like” area of ground

 (200 metres or so) about a dozen times.

The action of the rolling heats and compresses the wool

so that all the fibres knit together to make felt.

This is unrolled and left to dry in the open for a day or so.

The first roll of felt is blessed by offering milk and burning incense.










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