Sound Transformations Workshops, Courses and Individual sessiojns

exploring the transformational power of sound

Facilitated Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino


Michael and Candida have been exploring and using sound in performance, meditation and therapeutic sound massages for over twenty years. They have combined their unique skills to create a weekend workshop or a series of workshops exploring transformation through Sound. Their intention is to share this knowledge with joyful effort to all.

Learn ancient ways to open your voice:

Free the rhythms inside us all with movement, drumming and listening:

Connect to the sacred through chant:

Find stillness with sonic meditation:

Discover playfulness and joy through free improvisation:

Explore subtle body energies through Chi Kung, breath and sound.


The workshop will include experiencing and learning Mongolian Khöömii and Western Overtone singing,

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Conch Shells, Drums and percussion, Mantras for prosperity,

Chakra Meditation. Kriya Breathing exercises for both physical and spiritual well being, sound massage and toning.


Please bring any musical instruments with you, a blanket or warm loose clothing and some food to share.


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