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Praying For The Rain & Domenic DeCicco

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Praying For The Rain’s music celebrates diversity and ethnic traditions using an eclectic mix of sounds and rhythms,

creating a vibrant and compelling experience. Michael has often been invited to perform with them at their joyous concerts

and has been privileged to record with them and Domenic on their wonderful albums.




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praying for the rain sanctuary cd cover

Sanctuary is an album for unashamed lovers of the earth (recorded live on a full moon night in St Pauls Church Hammersmith). It is a celebration whose evocative neo pagan sentiments instill in the listener a sense of community spirit and shared enthusiasm.

The album is written in story form & uses the influence of world tribal instruments didgeridoo (Australia), djembe (African drum), Khöömi (Mongolian throat singing), Native American flute & hand drum along with more traditional western fiddle, accordion & acoustic guitar to create a truly hypnotic sound. Domenic possesses a beautiful voice which he uses in the manner of a story teller pulling listeners in with his emotional expression.

praying for the rain enchanted cd cover

Enchanted is a collection of songs about spirits & the dance of souls which come together for a brief yet wondrous moment. Enchanted is embroidered with the sounds of the earth. From the didgeridoo on Storm & Celtic Dance, to the

Mbira (African thumb piano) and cedar wood flute on Light is Fire. The album flows freely between haunting lead vocals and choral harmony. It moves in between the sounds of the East (Mongolian Khöömii) and Indian drone of the accordion to a crossing of the Celts in the violin, played simply over the exquisite acoustic guitars. Enchanted is an album which celebrates diversity and imagines all the rivers of sound meeting in one musical place.


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praying for the rain harmony of mind and nature

Harmony of Mind & Nature. Recorded in Brixton, London, where the vibrant buzz of the city is matched with a celebrated mix of multi-cultural life, this album makes use of samples that reflect that urban landscape, interwoven with evocative lead vocals and beautifully rendered acoustic instruments such as Tibetan bowls, darabouka, didgeridoo, flutes, Mongolian Khöömii, Jew’s harp, violin, guitars and accordion. The stories within the songs touch on poignant themes like birth and regeneration and the quest for balance between the forces of mind and nature. Many sounds appear within the music, from the streets of Brixton in Afterglow, to Aurora's heartbeat inside her mother's womb, & the bustle of Algiers as the call to prayer sounds at Bab El Oued.

praying for the rain serena

Serena PFTR celebrated their 10th anniversary with the release of this Cd. From the opening, the album draws the listener in with its high energy and diversity, using an eclectic mix of sounds, rhythms and ethnic traditions, together with evocative vocals and acoustic instruments such, violin, mandolin, Bodhran, flutes, Khoomii (Mongolian throat singing), Morin Khuur (horse fiddle), didgeridoo, percussion, guitars and accordion. The themes on this cd explore relationships and how important they are in our everyday life. Sun & moon, father & son, mother & daughter, sister & brother, friends & lovers, how we are to ourselves, to one another and to all that is around us.

praying for the rain creation stories cover

Creation Stories The idea for Creation Stories came about on a beautiful beach on a secluded island paradise in Croatia.

The concert was a culmination of all the energy and efforts of everyone in their ever growing community of artists and technicians dedicated to spirit and cooperation. It is this energy that feeds both Songlines Choir and Praying for The Rain, and has brought us together for this unique production.

Praying for the Rain and The Songlines Choir.

Michael plays The Morin Khuur, jew’s harp and Singing Overtones

praying for the rain domenic solo album cover

At Sunset is a stunning solo album by Domenic DeCicco.

Inspired by the many times he spent in Crete with new friends and old.

Domenic songs reflect the creative paradise he found out there.

He sings songs and plays Oud, Madura (Cretan oud), Guitars and Flutes.

I was fortunate to have a session with him on the Morin Khuur.

This appears on ‘Dance of the Mountain Spirits’