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other cds Tara


Brian Abbot invited me to perform a number of tracks on his recording devoted to

The Buddhist Mother Bhodhisattva of Compassion Tara

other cds Human Body orchestra High North

High North

by the Human Body Orchestra

I was invited by Kenny Jones to add my throat singing to this interesting project.

The whole album just uses the voice.

A crazy Icelandic mashup!


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Mongolian Music

Mongolian Khöömii Singers & Info


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other cds Chinese Dub

Chinese Dub

by Jah Wobble & the Chinese Dub Orchestra

Clive Bell kindly introduced me to Wobble by arranging a session for him. On this album the instrument that

grabbed him the most was the Morin Khuur. Not Chinese but worked a treat with the Mongolian long song singer

who was in town.

other cds Passport to Tibet

Passport to Tibet

Candida and I had a session playing our

Ritual Tibetan Singing Bowls and

Ceremonial Gongs for this Cd of Traditional Tibetan Music

other cds native America

Native America

Domenic and Vince of Praying for the Rain collaborated with Robin Hogarth to create a CD

of indiginous music of the Americas, Performed in traditional and contemporary styles.

The Morin Khuur and throat singing fitted so well to the tribal sound that I was

Invited to play on a few of the tracks.

other cds variations 2

Variations 2

Clive Graham who appears on this CD and is the creative force behind Paradigm Discs

Invited me to contribute a multi tracked improvised Morin Khuur piece to this release.

The late live electro-acoustic pioneer Hugh Davis and the unique performance/Concrete poet

Bob Cobbing are also featured

other cds ali-japtap shozo

Living with a Ghost – Ali-Japtap- Shozo Kimlee

I first met the late didgeridoo/Yidaki player Shozo and Jonathan Cope’s Didge group.

I was invited to sing some khoomii and play some Morin Khuur.

Shozoo invited me to collaborate on a number of the tracks.

I brought along a practice shenai chanter to the session which was also added.

other cds Kate McKenzie

Seven Steps by Kate McKenzie

Kate invited me to play my collection of Tibetan Singing Bowls

We may use these “templates of infinity” to heal, elevate and transform.