White Moon (Tsagaan Sar) by Ensemble melody of the Steppes PAN 2010CD (1992)

  A typical Mongolian CD with four tracks featuring the khöömii of Ajurzaniin Erdenekhuu, a young singer who studied the music school in Ulaanbaatar. The late   

  master limbe (flute) player Doljingiin Enktaivan leads the ensemble pieces. The liner notes are very good giving the area in Mongolia that the songs originate and the

  first few lines of the text.

1.  Gandii Mod 1'56

2   Ianlin Huar T07

3   Sanxiiu Guulum 1'16

4   Tsagaan Sar 1'57

5   Altain Magtaal 4'05

6   Dorvon Tsag 2'48

7   Ontiin Tsagaan Botgo 2’50

8   a‑Uzesgelen Gua b‑Yum Zandan Sjiree 3’19

9   a‑Duuriimaa b‑Sji Udu Huar 1’57

10 a‑Goviin Ondor b‑Gooji Nanaa 1’41

11 Gunan Xar 0’52

12 Xonin Joroo 0’S2

13 Morini Yavdal 2’05

14 Tooroi Bandi 2'03

15 Urixan Xongor Salxi 2’00

16 Xox Torgon Deel 2’42

17 Ulgeriin Xolboo 3’13

18 Xoior Setgel 1'34

19 Enx Mendiin Baiar 3’16

20 Sanduutai Mod 2’19

21 Toriin Tumen En 4'13

22 Hotgoidiin Unaga 3’12

23 Mandax Nar 1'43     Total time‑55'18

1 Gandii Mod (Mynah tree) Central Mongolia.


A Nostalgic love song.


... I can't find a tree higher than a mountain.

     I can't find a being better than you....


2 Ianlin Huar (lanlin flower) Central Mongolia.


An Urga city song of starting love, 1921. (At that time many Chinese people lived in the town.)


... I ask myself why is this bird sitting on the tree, singing all of the day.

    I don't know this being so much, so why can't it go out of my heart....


3 Sanxiiu Guulum Central Mongolia.


(Sanxiiu is Chinese leather. Gulum is part of a horse’s saddle.) Song of a son who talks about his father and mother.


... I always decorate this shawl with a beautiful butterfly.

     With every stitch of my needle I infuse my soul for my beloved, darling mother....


4 Tsagaan Sar (White moon) Central Mongolia.


Song from the 19th century about the Mongolian traditional celebration of 'white moon', which goes back to shaman worship of the sky. The first day of the white moon (full moon) is celebrated. At sunrise people put a white carpet made of sheep wool (Esgii) on the ground, sit together on it and pray for the blue sky.


5 Altain Magtaal (Praise to Altai) Western Mongolia.


Praise song about the Altai Mountains describing its beautiful nature, wealth, and treasure. The song is often used as the opening of a very long epic song.


6 Dorvon Tsag  (Four seasons) Central Mongolia.


Flute solo of the melody of a song about the way people live and love all four seasons of the year.


 ... The seasons of the year are cyclic like a watch.

      It goes on year after year, always the same, round and round.

      When the beautiful summertime comes, this white world in the distance becomes 12 and green....


7 Öntjin Tsagaan Botgo (White orphan baby camel) Southern Mongolia.


Flute solo of the melody of a song about a little camel who longs for his mother.


 ... How the little camel suffers, how the camel cries.

    The baby camel is hungry. He wants to eat, but has no mother.

     The little camel is going alone and cries along the valley, where the rain makes streaming rivers....


8 a Üzesgelen Gua (Beautiful beauty) Central Mongolia.


Instrumental song of love, in which the beauty of nature is compared to the beauty of a woman.


   b Yum Zandan Sjiree (On a sandal wood table) Central Mongolia.


Instrumental song of celebration between friends.


 ... Tbe sandal wood table from India has a special smell. It smells good.

     Behind this table only good friends sit and celebrate.

     They admire this table, and also what is on this table, the food and drink.

     The people around the table are also beautiful....


9 a Duuriimaa Central Mongolia)


Sjanz solo of a song about a man who loves the beautiful woman, Duuriimaa. She doesn't know he loves her. Duuriimaa is a symbol of all the beautiful women of Mongolia.


b Sji Udu Huar (Woman like a flower) Southern Mongolia.


(The title is in Chinese words.) Sjanz solo of a song in which a beautiful woman is compared with a flower.


... Nature is beautiful, and so are women.

    This woman has a beautiful dress and with her natural make‑up she is like a flower....


10 a Goviin Öndor (Highland of the Gobi) Southern Mongolia.


Overtone‑singing song describing the beautiful landscape of the Gobi. People who live in the Gobi admire the landscape, the animals, the birds, and they sing about the beautiful nature.


 ... On my Bactrian camel with two upright humps

      I will pass the wide steppes of Gobi.

      I will meet my darling being and we speak words of the heart....


b Gooji Nanaa Central Mongolia.


Overtone‑singing song of love. Gooji Nanaa was a talented man, a well known overtone‑singer in the beginning of the century. He improvised songs on the spot about what he heard and saw. He died in 1921 and people made a song about his life.


... A cygnet is singing in the reed. A lucky being, named Gooji Nanaa, is singing happily in his place of birth....


11 Gunan Xar (Three year old black one) Central Mongolia.


Praise song about a good horse. In Mongolia, a triangle on the thigh of a horse means that it is a good horse.


 ... My black horse has a brand on the thigh, which has the form of a triangle....


12 Xonin Joroo (Sheep amble) Central Mongolia.


Praise song about a good horse that runs as fast as it can. The horse is compared to a woman.


 ... My horse with black and white spots makes sounds of galloping, slow and sometimes very quick.

     My darling is with tears in her black and white eyes....


13  Morini Yavdal (Horse action) Western Mongolia.


Popular epic song about the way a horse moves.


14 Tooroi Bandi  Province of Dariganga (South‑East Mongolia).


Flute solo of a long song from the times of feudalism about haiduc, men who lived in the mountains who stole good horses from the rich and gave to the poor. Tooroi Bandi is the name of a folk hero.


 ...  When I was together with my Tooroi Bandi

      I always wore the best silk clothes.

      Since I lost my Tooroi Bandi,

      I'm alone and cannot find even little pieces of silk....


15 Urixan Xongor Sali (Warm sweet wind) Southern Mongolia.


Flute solo of a long song about how people love the warm pleasant wind after thaw. People are always happy when things change for the better (allegory for change in society to better conditions).


 ... When the snow is melting and springtime comes, the wind is very soft.

     The mountain trees wave in the soft wind.

      For my beautiful darling I become a better and closer lover every day....


16 Xox Torgon Deel  (Blue silk deel) Western Mongolia.


 Flute solo of a song of the love of a man who longs for a woman that leads a nomadic life. (Deel is the national dress, Gingii Badmaa is a name of a woman.) .


.. This deel made from blue silk, I bought in a country‑sbop.

    My darling beautiful Gingii Badmaa where did you go, I'm wondering.

    Are you thinking about me, high up there in the blue mountains with the green forest....


17  Ulgeriin Xolboo (Connected sagas) Central Mongolia.


Sianz solo of a song about different periods in the history of Mongolia of which there are many folktales and epic songs. Every part of the song speaks about these different periods, about sadness, greatness, and victories in fights.


18 Xoior Setgel  (Two souls) Central Mongolia.


 Song about the love of a woman for a man.


... it is a cloudy day, but when the sun rises the day will become light.

   Among thousands and thousands of people my darling beloved is the only and right one for me. .

   Ai, Ai, ...that is a soul in love....


19 Enx Mendiin Baiar  (Celebration of peace and health) Central Mongolia.


Long song about celebration. ... 1et's be happy for this day, let everybody he happy....


20 Sanduutai Mod  (Sanduutai tree) Central Mongolia.


... A beautiful green tree is a nice in decoration for the sun and the moon.

    Living well with a clear mind is the best decoration for all human beings.

    My darling, my beloved, is the only one for my loving heart....


21 Törin Tümen En (Always the first) Central Mongolia.


Epic song about a good horse which has never lost in horse racing. Törin Tumen En has also the meaning of leader in society, popular among ordinary people.


... Let's pull high the reins of this yellow brown horse.

    Let's pray for it in front of all the people in the celebration area near the yurt....


22 Xotgoidiin Unaga (Foal from Xotgoid) Western Mongolia.


(Xotgoid is a district. Before the revolution Xotgoid was a nation.) Epic song about a good horse that always wins the races.


... From its childhood on this horse wins the races. An original horse from Hotgoid has a white blaze.

   Until now, twenty years old, if has never lost the first place in a race....


[23] Mandax Nar (Sunrise) Central Mongolia.


A capella song. Traditional song of nostalgic love and love between people. When people love each other, it can be so strong they cannot see the limits of time. (Manan means haze.)


... It doesn't matter if the sun rises or sets.

    Now, I'm together with the Manan.

    For three years I dream that we are together....


Performed by the Mongolian ensemble Melodies of the steppes Ragtlaagiin Banzragtji‑vocals, Banzragtjiin Bat‑Ulzii‑moriii xuur, tovsjuur, vocals,

Tseren‑otjiriin Duinxersuren‑morin xuur, vocals, Doljingiin Enxtaivan (artistic director)‑limbe, Ajurzaniin Erdenexuu‑overtone‑vocals,

Zangadiin Selenge‑yangtjin, Tsegmidiin Uranbileg‑sjanz.


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