Tuuls By Miagmar Nyamgerel & Tsogtgerel TP9 records TP9-016 (published 1999)

M Nyamgerel was born in Hovd, Mongolia in 1972­ He graduated front the state national University as an art critic. He has studied Höömii for 10 years. M. Tsogtgerel was born in Hovd, Mongolia in 1974. He has studied Höömii for 8 years. A CD with a lot of Khöömii sung in Magtaals, all rather the same and not as skilfully sung as other Khöömii singers. The recording quality could be better and the few liner notes are in German.



Track listing

1. Altain Magtaal

2. Alag Schaazgai

3. Chuurin tatlaga

4. Huusch Damdin

5. Hangain Magtaal

6. Schiluustain Gorowan Schowgor

7. Höömii

8. Namchai awarga

9. Höchöö Namzgil

10 Bogd Dunjingarav

11.Tschingis Chaan





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