Mongolian Höömii  by Maestro T. Ganbold

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I bought this CD from Ganbold in Mongolia in 2000. He happily played it to us in his town concrete ger. Ganbold is one of the few Mongolians able to sing tunes from other countries and over the years has increased both his repetoire and the harmonic range normally employed by Mongolian singers. I have heard him sing up to the 20th Harmonic. A CD to get hold of when you visit Mongolia. There are very few liner notes, just the tittles and a few explanatory notes regarding khöömii of which the aside mentioning that the seventh harmonic not being used is wrong. Check out some other Mongolian melodies and most of them have the seventh harmonic. They very rarely use the 11th harmonic when singing Mongolian traditional songs, however I have heard Ganbold use it whilst singing a French Ditty in 1993.


Track Listing


1 Bayan Mongol (Rich Mongolia) 2:04     2 Gunan Har (3 Years Old Black Horse) 1:56

3 Argagui Amrag (Sweetheart) 1:55         4 Gandii Mod (“Gandi” Tree) 2:55

5 Uliastain Gol (Uliastai River) 1:52          6 Ooriin Nutag (Homeland) 3:25

7 Gobiin Ondor (Gobi Hills) 2:57             8 Ehiin Ach (Mother's Love) 1:50

9 Mogoi Heer (Brownhorse) 1:32          10 Buriad Duu (Buriad Song) 3:22 

11 Kazakii Duu (Kazakh Song) 2:38      12 Darhad Duu (Darhadsong) 0:58

13 Ulewiin Chanar (Beauty) 3:42


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