Mongol Nutgiin Salkhi  (various artists) : (Japanese label in Japanese!) MOCN 9601 (published 1996)

I bought this short CD (37’09’’) after seeing the State traditional music ensemble play in Ulaanbaatar. It contains three very well recorded tracks of Zulsar’s amazing khöömii as well as an interesting contemporary classical concerto for the Morin Khuur and the fine ensemble playing that you would expect from these well-practiced professionals. The liner notes are mainly in Japanese. I have only been able to extract the track titles and performers names.


1. Ertnii Saikhan   4’05’’                                   Morin Khuur Solo

2. Narsan Mod  1. 47                                       Short song with ensemble backing

3. a Tsagaan Sar 1’45’’                                    Yochin solo

    b Um Zandan Shiree                                     Yochin solo

4. a Avgiin Tsagaan Uul 3’30’’                         Khöömii with ensemble

    b Khonin Joroo Mori

5. Jalam Khar 2’21’’                                        Ensemble instrumental

6. Dörvön Oiradiin Uria 4’51’’                         Morin Khuur solo

7. a Dörvön Nastai Khalun 4’51                       Khöömii with ensemble

    b Gooj Nanaa

8. Buyankhishig Da Lam 2’29’’                        Short song with ensemble backing

9. Morin Tövörgöön 1’32’’                              Morin khuur and Yatga

10. Mongol Khöömii Kholboo Ayalguu 2’31’’  Khöömii with Ekel

11. Morin Khuuriin Kontsert 9’24’’                  Morin Khuur with piano accompaniment.


Note that the liner notes are incorrect and track 4 should be track 7 and visa versa.



  1. Bat-Ochir                     Morin Khuur

C.  Zulsar                           Khöömii and Ekel

C.  Erdenetsetseg               Singer

B.  Bolormaa                      Yochin 

L. Namjilmaa                      Shudarga

B. Baasansuren                   Ever Buree (this is a curved clarinet!)

P. Bat-Erdene                    Limbe

C. Boldmaa                        Yatga

L. Nadinchimeg                  Tögöldöp Khuur (Bass Morin Khuur)


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